Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saturday - in office

Yesterday worked till 11pm & today got to get back to office at 11am. Really very very tired.

The only enjoyment for quarterend was our dinner, last evening we (Clement, Khim, Ginny & myself) had satay, hokkien mee, herbal chicken & fried oyster egg. It was marvelous!!!

Tonight, we had another excitement (Ginny gave up, she was shocked to see the way we eat yesterday)! Stingray, satay, fried kway tiao & cheng teng cos Khim say, we shall go on diet in Year 2007 but we will continue the session every monthend or quarterend.

Something to look forward for monthend & quarterend : Food!!!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Website on African Violets

To all African Violets lovers, got this website from LiPing :

Wow, all the flowers are lovely & they do include the names & short description of the Violets. Just like LiPing say, 看到眼花缭乱!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


连续下了好多天的雨,几天前发现屋外的小树开始低下头来。可是过了几天后,它又抬起头了。看见这个情景不仅让我想到人生。人生不是这样吗,有起也有落? 做人应该能屈能伸。


朋友,您并不孤独,让我们并肩作战,克服所有困难吧! 天无绝人之路啊!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More late nights coming... ...

Year end coming!!! Have to work late again, saw the schedule today, 29th till 31st Dec 2006, have to support till 2359 for 3 days. OMG!!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Carrot cake? American carrot cake!

This morning, Clement was telling me, he brought carrot cake to office. So I started looking around his desk but couldn't smell any carrot cake (chinese style fried carrot cake).

Then he stared at me & say "It is American Carrot Cake!!!", heehee...oic.

I waited & waited till 4pm, then he started to cut the cake for everyone in the office & this is what I get after the long wait :

But not bad at all, I'm the 1st one to get the cake & it is yummy (though a bit small), lol.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Celebration? Play Maple story instead

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

No celebration, only lunch out at Changi Village, go Sheng Siong to buy groceries then Home Sweet Home.

Hippy, Maple Story time, warrior level 35 :

Still can't catch up with Lena (Berrifairy)...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

One of the terrapin is dead

I have been hearing some noise from the fish tank for the past few days & noticed that actually the bigger terrapin (小绿) will make a "her" sound when it opened its mouth. It seems like the 2 terrapins have not been moving for quite a long time, except every afternoon around 3 - 4pm, they will start moving & 小绿 will make the funny sound. Actually I thought terrapin do hibernate but unable to confirm this as I was too busy these days to look up in the internet.

This morning, 小绿 passed away (bloated), don't really know what happened & Nickson refused to change the water after Daddy removed it fm the fish tank. Don't think Nickson is feeling sad, as taking care of the terrapin is a torture to him especially when it is time to change the water.


这几天连续收到几个华文圣诞祝词传讯,开始还没多加留意,直到Ah May问我有没有英文祝词时,我才发觉真的一个英文祝词也没收到。好奇怪!

我跟Ah May开玩笑说,也许我国的讲华语运动成功了。大家都开始用华语了,真是太好了!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Shopping shopping ... Window shopping

Reached home about 9pm yesterday & it started to rain so Mum went home this morning. Johnson & Randson followed her home cos they will enjoy more delicacy than staying at home.

The library books are due today so got no choice but to bring Nickson & Allyson to the library. Imagine, Nickson & myself shared the load of 31 books (some big, some small), I was shorter by a few inches after reaching the library - omg, the bag was really heavy.

After returning the books, we started walking around Tampines Mall & Century Square, nothing attracted us except Tweety bird & Allyson insisted to take a photo with it. We bought bak kwa but it doesn't seems to taste as good as before, maybe because Johnson & Randson (2 greedy pigs) are not around.
What a boring day!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Party at the Childcare

The childcare is organising a Christmas party today. Gift exchange is not in the agenda this year. I was told that they have decided to drop this as some parents are unhappy with the gifts which their children have received.

In fact, every year I will make an effort to get a toy with chocolates (gift budget set by the childcare is min $5) but the gifts which my kids received are such a disappointment (I have never complained to the centre as it is not their fault). One good example : a "dead" watch (free gift from purchase of milk powder), what a letdown.

Randson & Allyson got up early today & they are all dressed up for the party!!! But Randson is not happy with his Christmas hat as it is too small for his head (sorry Randson, next year Mummy will get you a bigger one, ok?)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Presents from colleagues

I am back to office today & found lots of Christmas Presents on my desk, at least they remembered to send "valuable" presents (RSVP???).

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Wow!!! I missed this year's Christmas Party

I did not get to attend this year's Christmas Party due to flu. Missed all the fun & they don't missed me at all, wwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Flu bug refused to let me go

After backing Geraldine for 3 days, the flu bug caught me again. Maybe I really need a good rest!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Maple rabbit has changed into a doll

I was so happy when my Maple rabbit started talking but he has turned into a doll today as it is only valid for 90 days. In order to revive it, I will have to purchase "Water of Life" (4,500 cash value) & the Life Scroll. Don't think I am going to spend money to purchase the Cash Card (S$10.80) again...

RIP rabbit, we gonna missed you!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gift wrapping time

Finally managed to wrap all the presents for Jeannie & my colleagues, however I have forgotten to take down the photos of Christmas presents before giving them out except the one for Jeannie.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

African violets "babysitter"

I will be helping Cynthia to take care of her plants (till Year 2007) while she is away for holidays. Really envy her skiing in Korea, while I am here, working, working & working.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Our workstation - decorated by Khim

Khim, our display artist has decided to decorate our working area. Our theme is "Gold & White Christmas" in line with our Christmas party this year.
The decoration of the Christmas Tree in the office is very different from last year. Last year the tree was filled with teddy bears (contributed by Johnny) but this year's is decorated with all types of ornaments & snow (cotton wool).

Tuesday, December 12, 2006



在一次巧合下和Ah May在巴士转换站碰面,我俩也这么巧搭同一辆巴士,而且她的家只离我家一个车站。离开三阳已经整整十年了,除了在Alice的婚礼上看到Ah May,Susan和Debbie,就再也没有遇到他们了。Ah May既然就住在我家附近七年了,这次还是我们第一次见面。可能因为大家工作时间不同,所以很难在这狭小空间内碰面。

就因为这次的巧遇让我能够再次见到他们(三阳的旧同事),真的好开心。昨天我还担心今天见面该说些什么,可是大家一见面就聊个不停。大家还是一样没有变,岁月似乎没有在大家的脸上留下任何痕迹。大家还是那样的漂亮和英俊(嘻嘻),可能应该谢谢三阳的好茶吧! 唯一变的(当时还是单身)是大家都带着自己的孩子赴约。Ah May真的招呼周到,孩子们有小孩的游戏空间,大人有大人聊天的天地。

就这样聊着聊着,红酒开了一瓶又一瓶。时间过得真快(晚上九点),大家也一个一个地离开Ah May的家。虽然天下无不散的宴席,但我相信大家都会很期待下一次的相聚。

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Company day at Turf City

Brought Mum & the kids to the Company's Day today at the Turf City, this is the first time I attended after being converted to FTH (Fixed Term Hire) in Year 2005.

We reached Turf City at 4.15pm & were given a torchlight each as the door gift. We proceed to the game stores where we won 1 lego toy, 1 colourful torch (Randson say is disco light) & a Care Bear cousin stuff toy.

We saw people queuing for ice-cream & we joined in. However there was nothing much for us to do after that, the kids went for another round of games & came back empty handed cos the stores had run out of prizes.

The buffet dinner started at 6.30pm & the queues for the buffet were scary, adults & children are to collect their food at different sections & I have to leave 4 of them queuing on their own (of course, I do keep an eye on them) while I accompany Mum to collect "adult" food.

While I was walking towards to help my kids, I realised that the lady behind them have jumped queue and ended up in front of them - I think that is the reason why children cannot be left alone without their parents, they get bullied (heehee). Anyway it doesn't matter, the kids get to eat spaghetti, fries, mashed potato, nuggets & mango pudding.

We intended to stay till 10pm initially for the final draw however the kids were too tired & feeling bored so we left at 8.30pm.

Learnt from my boss that non of our names were drawn that night - so no regrets for leaving early, lol.
Learnt from Elizabeth the event held at Sentosa last year was much more interesting as they have bungee jumping, body painting, massage & etc. :(

Friday, December 08, 2006

Guild leader's wedding (Maple)

I was invited by the Guild leader (SkyBoy89) to attend his wedding at 11pm today. This is the first time I am attending a virtual wedding (so excited) & these are the photos which I took during the session :

Unlike the real world wedding, no food was being served but I managed to buy some "fried chicken" from the Banquet Master at 165 mesos each & could recover 200 HP (quite a good buy).

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Rock Melon seedlings

We had rock melon last week & mum encouraged us to plant the seeds. The seedlings started to grow, hopefully we can have rock melon plants at our corridor.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

African violets - trim & bloom

I trimmed my african violet a few weeks ago & repot it again. More & more flowers are coming up!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Hats

Nickson wanted to have a Christmas hat & these are the hats which I've bought for him, Randson & Allyson.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Playing at the Beach

We used to go to the beach during our courtship days & now with our 4 kids, we loved to visit the beach whenever we can. However it has been a long long time we have not been here after the Tsunami attack in Indonesia.

Johnson has been pestering us to bring him for swimming after our Vivo trip last week. However, they (the boys) felt awkward wearing their swimming trunks so we went to the beach instead of the swimming pool.

We saw a small crab on the beach & the boys started to shout "Mummy, mummy got crab leh, got crab leh!" Then all the kids at the beach started to run towards them to see the crab (so funny).

After all the digging of sands & splashing waves, we drove to Pasir Panjang Food Centre for another sumptuous dinner. Heehee, imagine we drove all the way from East Coast to Pasir Panjang just for dinner & this is always the kind of surprises Daddy gave us!!!

Trip to Library

Decided to bring the kids to the library today (all by myself) by bus.

Before going to the library, we dropped by HDB to purchase season parking for Daddy, picked up missing pieces for Linda at the Jigsaw Puzzle World at Tampines Mall.

Upon arriving at the library, Allyson picked up every books which she could see from the rack & saying that she wanted to read them. In the end, she borrowed 10 books & the rest of the boys borrowed 8 each except Johnson cos he is more interested in computer games than reading books these days. That is why his standards have dropped cos he used to read vastly when he is in Primary 1 - 3 but things changed after we purchased the computer for eLearning last year.

Mosquito bites

Mum has been complaining to me that after Allyson joined the childcare centre there are so many mosquito bites (marks) on her hands & legs. I have checked with the centre however the teacher told me that they do spray insecticides every evening (benefit of doubts - mosquito flys).

Allyson is equipped with insect repellent in her bag however the teacher forgot to apply for her (sometimes). Hopefully with the move to N2 class which is brighter than the previous classroom, mosquitoes would not fall in love with her again.

Snowing in the office

Some of my colleagues have decorated their desks for Christmas.
Didn't do for mine cos I have sensitive nose, otherwise I'll become Rudolph, the red nose reindeer.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My rabbit can talk already

My rabbit is now at level 10 & he started talking.

If I say "hug", he will say "no, you have not shower for days, kyu!" or "no, you have B.O., kyu!"

If I say "iloveyou", he will say "Are you talking to me, kyu!", it is very interesting!!!