Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My kids' examination is more important than my work

Today is monthend, supposed to stay till 11.30pm. But Johnson & Nickson are having Maths paper tomorrow so I rushed home after the Order Admins confirmed that there is no more orders & keep my teamlead informed that I am leaving the office on time.

Just my luck, when I rushed out of the office, I saw my Manager at the lift. He looked at me & I told him that there is no more orders for my countries. Maybe due to the stress, I started to have chest pain, will I have a heart attack? My kids are still so young but they do not know that their mum is facing so much stress!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Examinations Days vs Monthend at Work

The kids are having their exams today, English paper... don't know how they are doing. I cannot take leave to revise their work with them cos it is monthend!!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hari Raya goodies from our neighbours

Someone knocked on our door this morning (around 11.30am), we are still asleep.

Surprised to see our neighbour bringing lots of goodies for us (you can only see very little chicken & cake left cos I took the pic after we have eaten some).

Then a short while later, Nabira's mum brought some cookies & cheese cake for us too.

Yummy yummy!!!

Dinner time

Took these photos while waiting for Daddy to buy dinner from the hawker centre.

The kids are enjoying themselves with sweets which my mum bought & asked us to bring them home when we are around Bedok area.

P.S. Randson is not in the photo as he is "photo-shy".

Monday, October 23, 2006

Another trip to Jurong Point

We are at Jurong Point again, another round of delivery. This time, the kids requested to have MacDonald's fries & KFC Shroomburger as supper. Then we sat near the stage to eat our stuff while my hubby do his delivery.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Good buy at JL (Jurong Point)

My hubby went to Jurong Point to do delivery today, so the whole family followed. We reached there about 10pm & surprised to see that John Little is still open. So I just hop in to see & happened to find this blouse. It is selling at $19.00.

When the cashier scanned to the machine, it is only $4.85 ($19 less 70% less another 15%). I was shocked to see that...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Yummy - Red Dragonfruit

My hubby bought these red bright dragonfruit & I loved it. Your fingers will turn pinkish after holding on to it for sometimes. The taste is great too, you can feel the mild sweetness by chewing it in your mouth. However Johnson didn't like it cos he say "no taste one".

Friday, October 20, 2006

Allyson's 1st artwork in Childcare

Allyson was playing with this little pig pig when I went to childcare to fetch her & Randson. Randson told me Allyson made this but she refused to make the rabbit mask when the teacher teach them. Maybe she has not been able to get used to the class yet.

She has been playing with the pig pig the whole evening then Nickson decided to draw 2 eyes on the pig as he said, "how come the pig no eyes one?".

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Computer game vs Exam

Mum has been asking me, "Why do you let them play computer? Exams coming!!!" What can I say??? Me stressed up too.

Then Johnson shouted, "Mummy, Didi never pick up the money!!!"

P.S. Johnson is referring to the money in Maple story cos he knew that I will pick up every cents in Maple which I can use to buy potion, weapons, equipment etc. While Nickson is different, he prefer to play the game & not picking up the items/monies found. Think this reflected our characters in real life.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Children's Day present

Today is already 18 Oct 2006 & the childcare centre just gave out the "Children Day" present - a cap.

Allyson fall in love with the cap & insisted to wear it the whole evening when she is at home.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

PSLE Marking days

16 till 19 Oct 2006 being PSLE marking days so Johnson & Nickson get to stay at home. I took leave on 16 & 17 Oct 2006 to make sure they learn/study for their examinations but too bad, they played computer games more than study.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Chicken soup for dinner

Bought a chicken this morning (the kids' favourite, esp Nickson) & put in a packet of Seah's Herbal spices for Chicken soup which I bought from NTUC. This is my first time cooking chicken soup with white fungus & button mushroom, it is ready good, the kids even ask for more.

Stirred fried Kangkong with sambal chilli is another favourite, once we went to the usual coffeeshop at Changi Village, Randson did not know the actual name of this dish, so he shouted : "I want 热菜, 热菜". The lady whom took our order was puzzled and she laughed when she knew what Randson is referring to. I told him is not 热菜, 热 in Chinese does mean hot but not spicy.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Trip to Vivo City

Read from the Papers a lot of people are going to Vivo City to avoid the haze or take a look at the latest & biggest shopping mall in Singapore.

Finally we are there, not to shop or look around cos my hubby is there to do some delivery.

The kids are so happy to see the water fountains.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bak Kut Teh again

Managed to get "Seah's" Bak Kut Teh (recommended by Lena & Pamy) fm NTUC, couldn't find it at Shop n Save (nearest supermarket).

This is different from the one which I bought previously (Claypot brand), this is not spicy and the kids love it. Think will get more, however this comes with MSG (from the ingredients), I think should be ok since most of the things we eat do have MSG.

Btw, I bought 1 big packet of "Mei Chai" from Shop n Save & there are 4 small packets in it. I have soaked it (1 small packet) for several hours & it is still very hard after I have cooked it, really regret buying it.

Drama Day 2006

Randson's childcare centre is having their Drama Day 2006 today. We were there to support Randson, he is acting in "The Piper & rats". He has 5 lines in the play :

1st line :
Piper : I can help you drive them away.
Randson : You can? We will pay you $500!

2nd line :
All the children : Hurray! All the rats are gone!

3rd line :
Piper : Now, please pay me my money.
Randson : No!

4th line :
Piper : You'll be sorry! I'll play a different tune. (He plays. Granny - the girl standing beside Randson, starts to dance and follow him away)
Randson : Stop! Come back!

5th line :
Girls : Please don't take our granny away.
Randson : We'll pay!

At the same time, we received the report card for Randson's speech & drama class, he has improved alot this term. I am really glad to see this as he start "talking" (actual talking) when he is about 5 years old which worried us initially. Seeing him acting now...

Friday, October 13, 2006

African violets

Last week I found one of the african violet (the one on the right) which I have potted for Lena is going to "heaven". After I came back from my medical leave, I can't save it anymore though I tried to ask it to be strong whenever I'm in the office (too stressed, so I talked to the plants, lol). So I got a new seedling from Boon Cheng & hope it will grow well.

Also helped Linda to repot her plant, now it got more room to grow otherwise it is hiding too deep into the soil.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Overtime to open quotes

This is beginning of the month, everyone in other teams are surprised why MA team are working late. The reason is we have to mail all the quotations by 15th of every month, noone understand our sorrow!!! When they are busy during the monthend, we are busy supporting them too. But when the monthend is over, we are busy with our own quotations while the rest are waiting for new orders to come.

Ginny was joking with Terence that we have mid-month closing & required him to buy dinner for us but none of us wanted to eat (actually is too "pai say" to ask him to buy for us cos only 2 of us stayed back).

Khim & myself stayed till 9pm but still unable to open all our quotes, got to work harder tomorrow. It is really unhealthy to work late, we snacked on dried seaweeds & fish crackers, furthermore I had my dinner at 9.30pm (experts say should not eat after 8pm). My weight is going upwards soon.

Same thing happened, Allyson clinged to me immediately I reached home & mum was telling me, she kept asking "Mummy working late? Mummy working late?". My poor girl... my poor weight... & the poor me!!!


P.S. Gave Meng Song a call today & he told me he is a teacher at Red Swastika School (so surprised).

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Working late again

Can't fetch Allyson from school today cos I have to stay in the office to finish up my quotations. Mum told me Allyson keep asking where is mummy & is she working late. Poor girl.

Once I stepped into the house, she came to me & wanted me to carry her & refused to let go. I'm worried, is she too young for childcare? She didn't sleep well, kept crying for "mummy, mummy". Oh, what should I do?

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Warrior level 26!!!

It has been a long long time I didn't play Maple story. I tell myself I must level up today cos I'm at level 25 for quite a long time (wow, my buddy was at level 23 and now he is at level 30). I decided to train myself at the Hunting Ground 3. Only 92% at 11.50pm, luckily a Cleric came by & I asked him to join my party so that I can level up at the shortest time. With his help I levelled up by 12.20am.

Can't get to sleep, my mind is too active after the game... oh no, tomorrow still have to work.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

PSI 150 & Laksa for dinner

Never experience such high PSI before. Our house was filled with haze & the burning smell, wondering is it my eyes blur or the haze blurred my eyes.

Decided to cook laksa for dinner cos Johnson & Randson went to my mum's place yesterday. Too lazy to cook, so one dish meal should do the job. Luckily the laksa is not too spicy & Nickson enjoyed eating it.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Lantern Festival

I used to play with lantern during the Lantern festival, my mum get me 1 without failed. I will light it up & play with my malay friends (no chinese friend at that time). It was really fun & especially when the lantern caught fire & we will laugh non-stop. The lanterns which we had last time are very different from the ones we had these days. I had butterfly, goldfish, rooster & many others lanterns made from cane & red coloured transulent paper with the figures of the animal/insect painted on it. I saw one similar rooster lantern at the market & was surprised it is selling at $8.50, much more expensive than those battery operated lantern (maybe because they are hand made).

The last lantern I had was in 1995 from the Oxyfresh Mooncake party. I walked around our house (inside, cos too embarrassing to go outdoor) into the rooms & even the toilets. It was lovely especially in the dark, my mum say even when you are married, you should buy a lantern to celebrate cos lighting the lantern in hokkien sound like 添丁 (meaning having a son).

My mum no longer buy lantern for me but she bought for all my kids. She felt that we should celebrate each Festivals of the year & children should play with lanterns during Lantern Festival however my kids don't seem to be interested in lanterns cos computer games have overwrite all the funs that we had during our time.

Allyson & Randson celebrated the festival in their childcare, they are supposed to wear traditional clothings. As Randson was involved in the drama "后羿射日-十个太阳" so he has to wear a yellow/orange shirt.

He was telling me yesterday, "Mummy mummy, I am going to be the sun & Wen Kang is the archer, he will shoot arrow at me." (Cute)

In the evening, thought of bringing them to the Park to play but they were too engrossed in their computer games. We had a short session of fireworks (stick form) at the lift lobby cos it was too smoky, we decided to give up.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The haze caught me

It has been very hazy these days & finally the haze caught me, I am having terrible sore thoat & cough. Most probably not only due to the haze, the late nights I had last month end plus all the delicacies that I had in office. One good thing, don't have to work today cos doctor ask me to rest... but tomorrow my inbox will be "a bed of roses" (unread emails).

Btw, today is Allyson's 4th day of school & hopefully she will not cry in school.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Allyson's 3rd day in Childcare

Randson is on medical leave today due to bad cough (think got to do with the haze), so Allyson will be alone in the school. I am glad too cos this is the only way to train her to be independent cos Randson has been complaining yesterday that he has to accompany Allyson during lunch & nap time. The best part is he told me, "mei mei, didn't eat her lunch, only eat some fish. So I eat for her, very nice leh". He must have enjoyed the lunch very much (lol).

I believed Allyson knew that she will be alone today so when she reached the school gate, she is reluctant to go in & she cried once I told her I am leaving for work.

The teacher helped to carry her away from me & she continued to cry but the "hard-hearted" mum left the centre & goes to work.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Allyson 2nd day at childcare

Today is Allyson's 2nd day at the childcare, same worry & luckily she didn't cry. We brought along her "bear bear" today.

In the evening when I was there to fetch her, the teacher told me that she didn't eat her lunch but she has 5 small baos for teabreak. My poor girl must be too hungry as the school did not make milk for her cos they have stop milk drinking session for all the N1s.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Allyson's 1st day at childcare

Allyson is very excited about going to school (childcare) today. She woke up quite early this morning, had her milk & changed into the uniform. Nickson (on Children's Day holiday) will accompany her to the school & I have asked him to stay with her till 1pm. Luckily she did not cry, she just walked around the childcare centre with her 2 brothers (Nickson & Randson) & we have forgotten to bring her "bear bear" along.

Heard from the teacher that she cried for a short while after Nickson left the centre but overall she is ok (what a relieve). I was there to pick her around 6.30pm & she can't wait to get her bag & shoes to leave the school. She didn't talk much about the school & the 1st thing she asked for was her dinner when she reached home.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Allyson going to childcare tomorrow

Have planned to have Allyson joined the childcare in Oct when she turned 3 last month. My mum & myself have tried very hard to prepare her for the school by telling her how the school will be & she will have a lot of friends to play with her etc. My mum has made an effort to bring her to the playground & let her have a feel of how it is like at the playground & tell her she will be enjoying herself there with her childcare friend.

I have helped her to pack her bag for tomorrow & she can't wait to carry it around the house. From her look, can see that she is looking forward to go to school.

P.S. Hope she would not cry at the childcare centre tomorrow.