Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lena's character in Maple

I found Lena's character in Maple Ranking, she's so cute.

Wow she is at level 31 same as my Spearman already, think she will overtake me cos I hardly have time to play. 加油加油 to both of us!!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

New Sandals

Daddy bought these sandals for Allyson & Randson.

Tissue Box

Bought these tissue papers from Sheng Song, very cute pics & wordings. I like this : "MOO...... No pain no gain", Cow trying to lost weight.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Pinwheel biscuits

Johnson has been pestering me to make cookies or cakes these days (school holidays - nothing to do except playing computer games), so we decided to make "Pinwheel biscuits" today by rubbing-in method which is the easiest way to make biscuits (no whisking/creaming required). Got the recipe from my Secondary School Home Economics textbook (not sure whether Lena's remember this recipe, I photocopied for her when she was in Australia). I have doubled the quantity in the recipe in order to make more biscuits (ie, I use 200gm of flour instead of 100gm, etc as suggested in the recipe).

Basic Ingredients :

100 gm of plain flour
50 gm of butter
50 gm of sugar
1/2 egg (beaten)
vanilla essence
25 gm of milo/cocoa
Methods :
1. Shift flour into a mixing bowl.
2. Rub in the butter until mixture resemble breadcrumbs.
3. Add sugar & mix well.
4. Add egg, vanilla essence & mix to a soft dough.
5. Knead gently on a floured board with the fingertips till smooth.
6. Divide it into 2 portion.
7. Add the milo/cocoa to one portion.
8. Roll out the 2 portions into rectangles of the same size.
9. Place the chocolate piece on top of the plain piece & roll like a swiss roll.
10. Cut into pieces of about 0.5 cm thickness & bake on a greased baking sheet for 20-30mins in a very moderate oven.

Monster Sweets

Not sure how these sweets taste like cos I did not give it a try yet but the kids loved it so much cos it will changed the colour of their tongues.

My Level 31 Warrior

Some latest pictures of my Maple Warrior (now is known as Spearman) :

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dinner at Pasir Panjang Food Centre

After the water play, the kids are feeling hungry & Daddy brought us to Pasir Panjang Food Centre for dinner. Johnson & Randson remembered that we have been here before in March 2006 & they have stand beside the wrong car awaiting for Daddy to open the doors.

We had satay, barbeque stringray, cockles, mussels, fried rice, coconut & sugar cane juice. There goes my diet plan again!

P.S. Finally I lost another 2 kg after my weight stayed stagnant for the past 2 months, I have been quite discipline for the past 1 week as I am having flu & have not much appetite.

Another trip to Vivo City

We were supposed to go out for dinner but Daddy asked the kids to change to shorts & bring extra clothings along with them but refused to tell us where we are heading to. Finally we were at Vivo City, as usual traffic jam at the entrance of the Car Park. We managed to get in only after a 15 minutes wait. We took a lift to the third floor (Lobby G) & walked out to the open area.

Wow, they had a pool there and there are quite a lot of people walking in the water (now we know why Daddy asked us to bring extra clothings). Some kids are swimming & playing in the water too. It was quite dark & after 2 rounds of walking along the edge of the pool, the boys decided to play in the water & Allyson joined in. She sat in the water & playing water with her brothers. I am rather surprised as I thought she might be afraid of the water but she seemed to enjoy it very much, even when I walked around with her in the water, she has no fear at all. Maybe one of these days, I should bring them to "The Eden" (the condo opposite our block where Christie stayed) so that they can have good swim there.

Yummy, it's a strawberry cheesecake!

This is the strawberry cheesecake which Yvonne has baked & we collected it from her house today. Wow, her house is so nice & cosy, unlike our house is always so messy (with 4 kids around, how to be nice? But it is cosy, afterall it is our HOME!!!).

Johnson & Randson eaten 2 slices each & I had 1. Johnson was telling me, how to lost weight with all these good stuff? (Quite true!!!) We are not feeling hungry when Daddy is back from work around 6.30pm & asking us to get ready to go for dinner.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Having Another Strawberry Cheesecake Soon

Yippy, Yvonne is helping us to bake a strawberry cheesecake & it will be ready for collection tomorrow. Johnson kept asking when can we have it?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fallen in love with Cheesecake

The first time Johnson tried his first piece of cheese cake is during Hari Raya where our neighbour gave us a box of cheesecake bought from Giant. He has never eaten one before & fallen in love with it immediately, whenever there are cake shop selling cheesecake, he would request for a slice.

The first time I tried New York cheesecake was made by Cynthia, she gave me a slice of it & I finished it nearly immediately. I have tried those Japanese Cheesecake before but never had one which is as cheesy as this. I loved it very much but when the thought of gaining weight came to my mind, I really have to control my diet. The second cheesecake which I have tried was from Boon Cheng, pandan cheesecake, it is kind of special & the third was from Yvonne, lemon cheesecake. It seemed like my colleagues had fallen in love with cheesecake too & they baked it nearly every week, especially Yvonne.
She gave me a big slice of the strawberry cheesecake this afternoon & the kids could not wait to eat it up once they see it. Johnson even asked for a second serving but mum found it too cheesy (heehee, think she is not used to cheesecake).
Johnson & Randson has asked me to make one for them but I do not know how (got new things to learn now).

Monday, November 20, 2006

Escape Theme Park (Downtown East)

I was telling Cynthia that I will bring my kids to the local places of interest instead of bringing them to Malaysia.

We went to Snow City last Friday, so we decided to go Downtown East today whereby they are having a promotion. Only $6 for the admission (unlimited games), 1 free snack, ice-cream & a carnival game, $6 off Merchandise purchase & $6 off the next visit.

My last visit to Wonderland is about 18 years ago. My sons can't wait to see cos they have never been to one before. They have been watching one of Jacky Chan's movie where Jacky visited the Haunted House & this is the first place they would like to visit when we reached the Theme Park.

There was a long queue outside the Haunted House & we waited for about 20 minutes. We went in together with another group of youngsters. Nickson & Randson were holding on to my hands & they were frightened by the ghostly display in the house. There is a guy whom dressed in a black robe & he was chasing us whereby Nickson got so scared & I have to shout "please, please don't chase after him, he is very scare!!!". Luckily he stopped after my plead.

Johnson ran out of the house with the group of youngsters & he told me that the group in front of him were running too cos they thought someone is chasing after them & only when they reached the exit then they realised actually is Johnson whom is running after them. "Aiyah, it's just the little boy." They said.

The boys lost their interest of the Theme Park after the visit to the Haunted House, so we went for a short break & have our ice-cream treat. After that we went to play the Roller Coaster (cos it has the shortest queue), however Nickson has not recovered from the fear, so 3 of us went ahead for it.

After that, I tried to persuade Nickson to join us on the Ferry Wheel as it is not so scary/challenging as the Roller Coaster. He enjoyed it & I managed to snap some pictures while we were up there.

Quite difficult to get the boys to play other games cos either the queue was too long or they are "under height" which a parent is required to accompany them in the game. As I was alone with them, we are unable to play most of the games. However they enjoyed the toot-toot train ride. It is not challenging at all but they loved it. They went round & round in it & the queue was never long.

We also try out luck at the Carnival games & Nickson managed to win a "lion" with our last ticket.

It was a hot hot day & we left the place about 4pm as it started to rain. I am glad that the boys told me that they have enjoyed the games very much & it is a happy day.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bob the Builder Big Surprise Show at Expo

Finally we are going t0 watch the Bob the Builder Show today, Nickson is so excited cos he is the one whom ask me to join the Kids Central contest & he keep telling his brothers that this is his first time watching a live show.

The show started at 2.15pm & it seems like the excitement was no longer there. The 3 boys just seated there quietly watching the show & Allyson started to move around & not paying much attention. I have to hold her hands & asked her to dance just like the characters on stage.

Then the show ended at 3.10pm & we followed the crowd out of the Hall. Quite disappointing, paid $70+ for such a short show & not much excitement, or maybe we are too old for the show. I do wonder do other Shows (like Barney) as short as this one?

However, the next excitement started shortly after we arrived at Expo Hall 5 whereby they are having the "Asian Food Fair". We bought chicken wings, sharkfin soup, octupus balls & Bak Kua as our snack. Managed to find a seat (actually is sharing with other people) near the exit to the MRT station & we started eating there. Yummy yummy - seems like the food is more interesting than the Show.

Friday, November 17, 2006

My dream to see Snow - fulfilled

In Singapore, we do not have winter & I really wish I can see snow someday though I heard from Hui Chien that it will be super cold during Winter cos her mum experienced it in Japan when I borrowed her winterwear for our trip to Yunnan several years ago. At that time, it was 12 degrees in the night when we were at Guizhou & it was really cold but there wasn't any snow.
Being a mountain tortoise, I have asked Cynthia how do snow looked like, does it look like ice kacang? She told me it is about the same cos she seen it before in Boston.

Yippy, it is my chance to see snow but not in Boston, New Zealand or Japan but in Singapore Snow City!!! The childcare have brought my boys there before & they told me it was fun. The days before our trip, I kept asking them what do they have there & they told me you can slide down the slope, throw snow balls at each other & they also have igloo... wow, sound great!

I can't wait to see with my own eyes.

The day has come!!! We were supposed to go for the 12.45pm session & we had a short briefing in one of the compartment & when they opened the door to the "actual" place... ... alamak, why so small? Quite disappointed, very different from what I have in mind. Yes they do have a sliding area, an area for playing snow & an igloo, but ... ... nvm.

I had a hard time looking for a right helmet for Allyson & walking up the slope is really killing me as I have to carry Allyson all the way up there as I'm worried that she might not be able to stand the cold. I was quite scare to slide down the slope initially but it was a wonderful experience with Allyson in front of me (both of us facing in front), then I was in front of Allyson (both of us looking upwards the slope) & the next moment, we were at the foot of the slope. It happened too fast.

Johnson has enjoyed to the fullest, he slided down the slope at least 20 times & get all his clothings wet (end up I have to walk all the way to Science Centre to get new shirt & shorts for him). Randson joined him about 10 times too. As for Nickson, he has a bad experience previously so he refused to join in the fun & was playing the snow with Allyson. Mum could not stand the cold & left the compartment after 40 minutes.

Overall, I would say we do enjoyed ourselves & I have fulfilled one of my dream. Regrets are some of the staff are not friendly/helpful (maybe shorthanded) & the place is not as big as what I have expected.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Reset the Windows Password

Try to source for all kinds of advice to reset my windows password, Meng Song told me the only way is to remember the password - gone case.

Tai-ge ask me to download the tools from the web but I did not burn the CD correctly - OMG.

Luckily I'm a computer illiterate (cos Meng Song say "huh, you never set password for your Administrator?") & I tried the suggestion from the Microsoft website to set my PC to safe mode & remove the user password by logging in as the Administrator.

Problem resolved, smiles restored to the faces of the children!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stuck in the office

OMG, I have forgotten my password & was stucked in the office as an order was received at 5.30pm. Both the elder boys are mad with me, really mad.

To my surprise when I reached home, Randson told me that "Mei mei, make her own scooter." What a pleasant surprise, Allyson is so creative.

Password for the computer

I forgotten the password for the home PC today, I really can't remember. Johnson & Nickson are so angry over it but I really can't remember... I didn't do it on purpose.

My mind has been blanked for a long long time already, all I knew was I have to wake up at 5.30am every morning to make breakfast for Johnson, wake Nickson & my hubby up at 6.45am. Around 7.30am I'll have to wake Randson & Allyson up, then sent them to childcare & I'm off to work.

Working for 8 hours & it's time to go home (not always, sometimes have to work late). Have to drop by the market to buy vegetable, Shop n Save to buy pork, bread, groceries, etc. Fetch Randson & Allyson from Childcare, have my dinner, wash the dishes, boil water for next day, throw rubbish, water the plants, pack Randson's & Allyson's bags, check Johnson's & Nickson's bags...keep the clothes which mum has folded. And it is time to sleep... ... How to remember so many things?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Reward for SA2

Bought these Maples Cash Cards for Nickson & Johnson as their rewards.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Lower Primary Sports Day - P2 report book

The school is having their Lower Primary Sports Day today & Nickson's team came in 1st & won a trophy which he is so proud of it & he slept with it.

Hv taken a pic of the plaque which Johnson won last year, he is considered to be in the Upper Primary now so he is unable to take part in the events.
Nickson happened to collect his report book today & he got Band 2 for all his subjects. I'm glad that his results has improved.

Friday, November 10, 2006

P4 report book

Johnson got his report book today, unexpected he got Band 3 for all his subjects. I thought he would be getting Band 2 for his English & Maths (he used to be strong in these subjects). He told me he did his best but I felt that he has not put in his very best effort.

His grades have dropped quite alot after joining this class, I have checked with the school & was told that the change was done randomly (not based on results). Not sure what do they mean by random? By name, weight or height?

When I told his English teacher about his unhappiness in class (eg, when it is time for teamwork, he is the only one who has to do the job - As a mother, I can understand his frustration so I have asked him to take up the challenge, as the one who did more will learn more). The teacher replied, "You have to let him mixed around & faced different challenges."

Yes, she is right, mixed around, if you can't change them, you join them. Hence this is reflected in his results!!!

P.S. Sorry I'm not blaming the teacher or school, perhaps the old school system which I have attended is better but it can be quite stressful if you are not doing well.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Geraldine away from office

Geraldine is away from the office for 2 days, I heard she wanted to go to Chiangmai but the air tickets were all fully booked as they were having Flower Festival there to celebrate the King's Birthday (I have never been to Chiangmai).

As usual, working from home can be very stressful but luckily Allyson's temperature was stabilized after taking the new antibiotics.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Allyson's fever went up again

Allyson's fever came back again, she is running a fever of 38.9 degree & yet noone in the childcare called me.

Brought her to the doctor again & was told that if the fever did not go down for the next 2 days, will have to send her to the hospital, OMG!!!

He (doctor) has frightened me & upon reaching home I've requested to work from home the next 2 days. I really have to apologise to my boss cos my colleague is going on leave the next 2 days & I have to work from home but I promised I will still deliver as usual.

Got to pray double hard, pls help to recover as soon as possible. It hurts when I see her (Allyson) in this state, why can't I take over her illness?

African violets blooming again!!!

Finally, I am back to office today & noticed that my African Violet has bloomed again.

So happy, they are smiling widely to welcome me.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Working from home

Did not sleep well last night cos Allyson woke up at about 4am & found that her temperature has raised to 39.2 degrees. OMG, what has happened, her temperature is like a yo-yo.

Get well soon, Ah Girl!!! Mummy unable to work when you are sick, especially you refused to take medicine.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Randson & Allyson fall sick

Randson's eyes are getting smaller & smaller, due to nose block & eyes infection.

Allyson is running a fever since Saturday afternoon & the temperature is getting higher & higher, how can I get back to work? So I requested to work from home & it is really double stress!!!

My mum brought them to see the doctor. It was a long wait, fm 9am till 12 noon cos Dr Ong is super slow. I have encountered this before, I was numbered 7 patients & only get to see him at 11am, some patients will stay in the consultation room for 45 mins while some stayed for half an hour & the fastest might be 15 mins. Got to pray hard not to fall sick on the days when he is on duty.

It is very stressful to feed medicine to Allyson, she will struggle as if we are trying to give her poison, taking her temperature with an ear thermometer is also a chore. Our sofa was torn in the "poisoning" process.

"Allyson, please get well soon!!!"

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sheng Siong's Lucky Draw

The boys got their hair cut today & we went shopping at Sheng Siong. It happened that they are having their Double Festivals Lucky Draw today (we have submitted quite a few entries for this draw for the past few months). But no luck, we won nothing but the kids enjoyed the food (MacDonald's fries) & shopping.

Rabbit & 帅哥

But Randson say Allyson looked like a dog cos her skirt/shorts is too short.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Nice pictures found in Randson's file

Apart from the unhappiness, I found some lovely drawings from Randson's file. It is time for him to cut his hair too.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Finally Exams are over!!!

Finally the exams are over & the kids have no school today as the teachers are busy marking the papers. The next excitement will be how they score.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Won 1 pair of Bob the Builder Show Tickets

Yippy, we won 2 tickets to watch Bob The Builder Show at Expo. My sister helped us to collect the prize from Bestway Building & redeem it froom Indoor Stadium.

However 2 tickets were not enough for the family so I have to spend another $70+ to get another 3 tickets.